The owner of the Hurtownia Odzieży Outlet website is the company:

Abitoo Sp.z o.o.

Spółdzielców 20

62-500 Konin

Tax ID No. (NIP): PL7272792527
Statistical No. (REGON): 101786011

The company is registered in the Central Business Register and Information Service (CEIDG). Registered in 2014 in the register of entrepreneurs under NIP (Tax ID No.) number: PL7272792527, REGON (Statistical No.): 101786011

phone: +48 664 486 009



  • These Terms and Conditions define the principles of using Hurtownia wholesaler to place orders for products available in Hurtownia wholesaler, delivery of ordered products to the buyer, payment by the buyer for the products, the buyer's right to cancel the order and withdraw from the contract, as well as the principles of making and processing complaints.

  • Hurtownia wholesaler sells outlet clothing directly at the headquarters of Hurtownia wholesaler, via phone, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber or via the form in the website

  • The sale is carried out within and outside the European Union.

  • Definitions:

    • Seller — Abitoo Sp.z o.o.,Spółdzielców 20,65-200 Konin, Tax ID No. (NIP): PL7272792527, Statistical No. (REGON): 101786011

    • Buyer — any domestic or foreign entity conducting business activity, or an individual who has concluded a sales agreement with the Seller or intends to conclude such an agreement in accordance with the rules described in the regulations

    •  Goods — products presented by the Seller

    • Sales — a contract for the wholesale of goods offered by the Seller under the provisions of these Terms and Conditions concluded between the Seller and the Buyer

  1. Rules of Usage

  • Registration of an account takes place by filling in all data in the registration form. Each form is subject to verification by the site administrator and can be accepted or rejected without justification, of which the party registering its account will be informed. The time required to verify your account is an individual matter and can range from several hours to several days.

  • Logging into the service is affected by entering the user name and password given during the registration of the Buyer's account in the login form.

  • A user who has registered an account may use all available functionalities of the service, including placing orders for products available in the assortment of Hurtownia wholesalers.

  • Having an account is not a necessary condition for placing an order and its subsequent realization. The necessary condition is the knowledge of the Terms and Conditions and their full acceptance by the Buyer before placing and executing the order.

  • Before placing an order, the customer is obliged to send back a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions via email or phone in the form of a photo/graphic message.

  •  Hurtownia wholesaler is entitled to block the Buyer's account if the Buyer's activity on the website violates the generally applicable law. The intention to block the Buyer's account will be communicated to the email address currently registered with Hurtownia wholesaler. Blocking the account means termination of contract with the Buyer for the electronic provision of services with immediate effect.

  •  The Buyer is obliged to keep the Buyer's login and password to the account at Hurtownia wholesaler secret. Within the limits of the generally applicable law, the Buyer is responsible for all activities related to the use of the login and password to a given account with Hurtownia wholesaler, with the password being confidential information for the exclusive knowledge of the Buyer.

  1. Information about Products

  • All prices given at and obtained via email or phone are net values and do not include VAT. The price given for each item is binding at the moment of placing an order by the customer. The company reserves the right to change the prices of goods on offer, introduce new goods to the range on the website, carry out and cancel promotional campaigns on the website or modify them.

  • Outlet Goods are specific Goods which cannot be precisely defined as to the exact content of a mix or pallet, therefore all descriptions of Goods on the website cannot be treated literally and cannot be understood as a detailed offer within the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code.

  • We will not provide a guarantee for the entire assortment sold. An outlet product is by definition an off-spec product, withdrawn from regular Sales, and its price (much lower than the producer's price) compensates for the loss of guarantee.  We do not guarantee the presence of tags for all our products.

  • A detailed description of the products is included on the website or can be presented via email or phone at the Buyer's request.

  • Products are divided into categories:
    A grade — products usually new, without flaws or defects. The total content of products with a defect in the A grade category shall not exceed 5% of the total content. 
    B grade — products with defects and flaws. The most common defects are a lack of a button, a jammed zip, soiling, suture, no label, holes, etc. There may also be other defects and flaws. Products may also bear traces of use.

  • The goods can be marked by the manufacturer with additional security/alarm provisions. The Seller is not obliged to remove them and are provided to the Buyer free of charge.

  • The Goods offered are original and from a legal source, while the Seller is not an official representative of the brands sold.

  • Presented photos of individual collections, products are for illustrative and selective purposes. They do not necessarily correspond to the presented collection and cannot be treated literally. They may also differ from the products sold or only represent a certain percentage of those products. Differences in goods received and presented in individual galleries cannot constitute grounds for a complaint.

  • Hurtownia Odzieży Outlet wholesaler reserves the right to withdraw individual products from sale.

  • The sorting of clothing and preparation of packages is recorded by cameras and recorded on electronic carriers.

  • Upon request of the Buyer, the Seller may render available a detailed packing list including the percentage of the assortment divided into categories.

  1. Conditions of Purchase

  • The order will be fulfilled on condition that the Goods are available at Hurtownia wholesaler. In the event of the unavailability of some of the Goods covered by the order, the customer is informed about the status of the order and decides on the method of its execution (partial execution, extension of the waiting time, cancellation of the entire order).

  • Placing an order by the Buyer means placing an offer to the Seller to conclude a contract of sale (purchase) of the ordered Goods.

  • The prerequisite for placing an order is knowing and accepting Hurtownia wholesaler's Terms and Conditions.

  • Orders for Goods can be placed personally at the company's headquarters, via the website, phone, email or WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber.

  • The total price of the Goods with detailed information on shipping costs (if any) will be shown in the order summary on the invoice or pro-forma invoice.

  • Each shipment is accompanied by a proof of purchase — a VAT invoice. In order to receive a VAT invoice with the delivered Goods, the Buyer is obliged to provide all data necessary to issue a VAT invoice.

  •  In order to reserve Goods with the Seller's guarantee that the Goods will not be sold at the agreed time, the customer may leave a deposit of 20% of the total order amount. The customer has 15 days to pay the remaining amount and collect the Goods. If the Goods are not collected within 15 days, the Goods are put up for sale and the deposit is non-refundable.

  • An order from the Buyer does not constitute a booking of the Goods. Booking is made after the payment is effected to the Seller's bank account.

  1. Order Processing

  • Placing an order means purchasing through the website; the same is meant by placing an order via phone or email, WhatsApp, Messenger or Viber.

  • After the Buyer accepts the Terms and Conditions, and specifies the details of the order, the Seller will issue a pro-forma invoice.

  •  Placing an order does not constitute reserving the Goods.

  • Goods are reserved after the payment is credited to the company's bank account.

  • Execution of the order is made after the payment is credited to the company's bank account.

  • All orders are shipped within 1–3 working days from the moment of placing an order or crediting the payment in the case of payment via bank transfer to the bank account unless specified individually.

  • Stock Polska reserves the right to refuse to carry out the order. In this case, reimbursement will be made within 7 working days.

  • In the case of shipment of Goods, the costs shall be charged to the Buyer as agreed and in accordance with the amount included in the invoice or pro-forma invoice, unless this has been agreed individually with the Buyer.

  • If the Buyer provides an incorrect or inaccurate address, the Seller shall not be liable for non-delivery or delay in delivery of the subject of the order, and any surcharges for errors that may arise shall remain at the Buyer's discretion.

  • The responsibility for the subject of the order and the danger of its accidental loss or damage shall pass to the Buyer upon its delivery to the carrier service provider.

  • The Seller is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by the carrier service provider.

  • The Seller is not responsible for transportation damages. All claims should be addressed to the carrier service provider.

  1. Payment Methods

  • Prepayment to the bank account in accordance with an invoice or pro-forma invoice.

  • Payment in cash at the company headquarters.

  1. Return / Exchange of Goods

  • We will not provide a guarantee for the entire assortment sold. An outlet product is by definition an off-spec product, withdrawn from regular Sales, and its price (much lower than the producer's price) compensates for the loss of guarantee.  We do not guarantee the presence of tags for all our products.

  • Return/exchange of Goods is not possible.

  • The warranty on Goods sold is excluded.

  1. Complaints

  • Due to the specificity and definition of the concept of an outlet — an off-spec, unrecorded, sold product is not subject to complaint, as it is impossible to verify the claimed product.

  • In the event of receiving goods that do not comply with the order placed or the quantity of goods different from those ordered, the Buyer should notify the Seller of any detected errors. The relevant request, including the replacement of Goods with those in accordance with the order, can be made in writing to Abitoo Sp. z.o.o., Spółdzielców 20, 62-500 Konin, Poland or via e-mail to the following address The seller will respond to the notification immediately, no later than within 14 days of the receipt.

  • Due to the specific nature of the Goods, complaints relating to non-performance of the Sales contract will be considered if they are reported within 5 working days of receipt of the consignment.

  1. Final Provisions

  • The Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on the date of their announcement on the Seller's website and shall be valid indefinitely.

  • The Seller reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. The change will be made by placing the new content of the regulations on the website. Buyers will be informed about the Terms and Conditions change via information placed on the website and via email. The date of entry into force of the new Terms and Conditions will be clearly defined in their content. The change of the Terms and Conditions will not apply to Buyers who purchased the Goods before the change unless the change is beneficial to the Buyer.

  • In matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of Polish civil law shall apply. The court in Nowy Sącz shall have proper jurisdiction over any cases.

  • Clients reselling Goods, especially to consumers, are obliged to mark the Goods correctly in accordance with the applicable regulations, in particular the Act of 12 December 2003 on general product safety (Journal of Laws No. 229, item 2275, as amended) and the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 6 April 2004 on safety and marking of textile products (Journal of Laws No. 81, item 743).

  • The authors of the website have made every effort to ensure that the information presented is true and up-to-date.

  • All registered names and trademarks are used for information purposes only. They are used exclusively for commercial purposes and are registered trademarks of the manufacturers.

  • The administrator shall not be liable for losses or damages resulting from unintentional errors or omissions in the service.

  • The administrator shall not be liable for any damage or damage caused by viruses from computer or other devices resulting from access, use of the service or from downloading or receiving any materials, data, tests, images from the administrator; they should be checked by the user (downloading party) prior to their use.